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Air Duct Cleaning Company

Air Duct Cleaning Company

The success of such efforts depends on the good will of people to sacrifice some of their personal facilities and the small steps of each individual.

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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

We are your personal guide when it comes to your HVAC system and its eventual break downs.

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Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer Duct Cleaning

As professional and experienced dryer duct cleaners, we guarantee the cleanest dryer vents in Antioch.

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The best air duct replacement service

Here are some simple tips for air duct cleaning. It is specially made for you.

Repair the air ducts

Many air duct installations are not proper and this causes many problems to the efficiency of the HVAC system and may cause energy loss. Air ducts may go through spaces without insulation, follow perplexed routes and not be sealed properly. Air duct replacement would be the wise step but if you cannot afford it, at least do air duct repair to save money and energy.

The importance of residential duct cleaning

Health is the most important asset of human beings and can be improved tremendously by regular air duct cleaning. This procedure can save you up to 30% of energy according to Air Duct Cleaning Antioch and you will begin paying fewer amounts for electricity bills. Home air duct cleaning will make the HVAC unit more efficient and improve the quality of indoor air.

Improve the efficiency of the HVAC system

The HVAC unit is made to last and work for long hours and the disappointing efficiency is usually due to dirty air ducts and air leak from holes and cracks. Air duct cleaning is essential but not sufficient for the efficient operation of the unit. Specialists from Air Duct Cleaning Antioch suggest air duct repair in case there are damages on their surface.

Check the HVAC air filters for clogging often if you have pets

The filters are effective for capturing pet hair and preventing it from circulating around the house. At the same time, the hair captured inside helps to decrease their efficiency more quickly. That is why they will require changing more often. If your check shows that the filter is covered with hair, replace it right away.

If your dryer takes longer to do its job, its exhaust vent requires cleaning

Over time, lint builds up inside the dryer vent and eventually it becomes too narrow for the air to get out freely. In this kind of situation, the dryer starts to work more slowly and gets very hot. You should get the dryer duct cleaned immediately after noticing any of these signs, in order to prevent fire.

Keep pollen out of your house and the HVAC system during the peak pollination season

Use door mats to ensure that people won’t bring pollen inside. Vacuum the floors and clean all surfaces in the house more frequently, preferably two times a week. Replace the HVAC air filter with a more effective one and change it or clean it more often. You will also benefit from air duct cleaning.

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